Frank Giustra & The Art of Curiosity

“I don’t like giving advice to the younger generation, because I never took advice. I didn’t listen to anybody. I marched to my own drum, and it worked. Had I listened to what the older, more established people were saying to me, and suggesting that I do, I would have never achieved anything.”

Frank Giustra

Frank Giustra is one of the most successful financiers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists on the planet. He’s widely known as a Canadian mining mogul and for his philanthropic efforts alongside former US President Bill Clinton – however, this barely begins to scratch the surface of his endeavors.

From founding one of the world’s most successful independent movie studios, to creating an award-winning olive oil, to recording music with Elton John Frank has collected what can appear to be several lifetimes worth of achievements and experiences.

In this far ranging conversation we discuss:

  • Why there is no secret sauce to success;
  • Why Frank says he will never be a billionaire;
  • How he chooses the people and projects he backs;
  • The role of history in investing and what we can learn from Rome;
  • Why you need to own gold… or you’re in trouble;
  •  Why Frank became a vegan;
  • Investing with your gut, and why you probably shouldn’t do it.
  • Why success requires a feel for the zeitgeist of the times; and
  • Much more.

Frank is one of the most curious people I’ve ever had the opportunity to know and his fascination with the world is contagious. If you’ve been thinking about going after something big, and need a little motivation, this is the podcast for you!

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.


Jamie Keech

Co-Founder, Resource Insider

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