Skyscrapers in Mongolia!

Mongolia is back! OK, maybe that’s pre-mature… Or is it? Long-time readers know that we are big fans of Mongolia. We held our very first investor Meet Up in Ulaanbaatar back in August of 2012. At that time the place was humming with foreign investors all hoping to strike it rich in the boom. Between […]

A Blueprint for Investing in Frontier Markets

Our friends at Pathfinder Capital have created an excellent report on frontier markets. These guys live and breath the frontier, putting boots on the ground where most of us wouldn’t care to visit. Both of the founders are ex-military guys who cut their teeth in places like Libya, Iraq and eastern Europe. Chris and I […]

2013 In the Rearview Mirror – Part II

Earlier this week Mark took us through the public calls we made for the first half of 2013. Today I’ll cover the last half of 2013. Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Before I do that however, I owe our readers an apology. As I was working on this summary, in my provisional data […]

“Rio Tinto Is Screwing Turquoise Hill Shareholders!”

So says a contact of ours in Mongolia. (This post is the result of various conversations which have transpired over the last few weeks. As such consider this a timely “bonus” issue.) Journalists are often constricted in many ways. Firstly by their publishing houses, whose prerogative is to sell copy. They are businesses after all, […]

The Case For Frontier Farmland

By: Scott Baker The following post ran just recently over at Pathfinder Ventures blog, an investment advisory and asset management firm focused on select Frontier Markets. Our own Scott Baker provided the dialogue.   The following content is provided courtesy of our colleague Scott.  As Scott is passionate about the case for investment in frontier […]

Coming – Phase II of the Mongolian Boom!

Since this blog is pretty much a running commentary of our “exploits”, today I decided to post up an email conversation I had with our colleague Harris Kupperman. I took a few liberties with editing, but only slightly so that it would make sense to you, dear readers. By now most of you will likely […]