How To Deploy Venture Capital In The Resource Sector

“We find people who are very talented and we work with those people, and help out wherever we can. We focus the company on the core competency of that individual that we’ve partnered with… These people that we work with tend to have the same philosophy we have with respect to how to build value.”

Marcel de Groot, Co-Founder & President of Pathway Capital

Marcel de Groot is the President & Co-Founder of Pathway Capital, a venture capital firm focused on providing seed level funding to mining and exploration companies.

Marcel and his partner at Pathway have helped fund some of the most successful ventures in the mining space of the last two decades; including several large scale discoveries, a successful royalty & streaming company, and many more.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • How to identify and invest with the best teams in the space.
  • The time Marcel financed one of the world’s greatest explorationist to a massive discovery in Peru.
  • How Marcel utilizes the 3rd degree of Pareto’s law to create value.
  • The difference between a “chaser” and a long-term investor.
  • At what stage of the mining lifecycle venture capital is most effective.
  • What a “well structured” mining company look like.
  • A good way to meet senior management that most investors overlook.
  • The challenges of running start-up companies.
  • Why Vancouver is the Silicon Valley of the mining industry.
  • The time Marcel had to step in and run a mining company for free.
  • The skill sets required to run a start-up vs. working for a major mining company.
  • How to be sure management is aligned with shareholders.
  • And why you should always chase success.

Marcel is one of the most impressive investors in the space, and has a reputation for transparency and integrity amongst the biggest names in the industry.

He’s also an investor in the first deal we’ll be featuring on Resource Insider and subscribers will have the opportunity to invest alongside Marcel.

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Marcel is a wealth of information, and this podcast provides a tonne of actionable advice for anyone who invests in the mining sector.

Jamie Keech

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