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A Mongolian Mogul

Jamul Jadamba is a Mongolian National with an intriguing and diverse background. He’s fast become one of the most valuable members of our on-the-ground network in the country, and he’s a man we are paying a LOT of attention to. You’ll see why over the next few days. Born in

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Santa Claus – A Drug Pusher and a Terrorist..?

Back by popular demand… Chris originally ran this post last year at this time. For those that lack holiday humor, relax, it’s just satire! ————– I’m going to make a tribute to Santa this year! Christianity boasts 2.1 billion followers. If you add in non-believers like me, who still put

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What are We Teaching Our Kids?

In the process of teaching my son some mathematics, letter recognition, and writing I found myself committing the gravest of wrongs. Understandably the poor guy was getting bored with practicing letters. Who could blame him? “Ok buddy, 10 more minutes and then we can go for a swim” 10 minutes passed and

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