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Chris MacIntosh

Mongolia – Finding Its Feet Again

Frontier markets and volatility go together like bacon and eggs. Bursting with energy, chaotic and often smelly they lurch about like a young calf finding its legs. Mongolia could quite aptly be seen to be such a calf. Sometimes the calf lurches about and remains standing. Sometimes it falls over.

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Coming – Phase II of the Mongolian Boom!

Since this blog is pretty much a running commentary of our “exploits”, today I decided to post up an email conversation I had with our colleague Harris Kupperman. I took a few liberties with editing, but only slightly so that it would make sense to you, dear readers. By now

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A Conversation with Harris Kupperman – Part 1

For long time readers, Harris Kupperman (Kuppy) needs no introduction. For more recent readers Harris is a friend, fellow cynic, hedge fund manager and CEO of Mongolia Growth Group (Ticker: YAK.V). Someone crazy enough (we are very grateful) to move from sunny Florida to Ulanbaatar in order to take advantage

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Yak & Yen, Yin & Yang

Strong macro-economic trends are typically like ocean liners or overfed pigs in feed lots. They turn slowly and with difficulty. I recently discussed Mongolia, comparing it with another resource rich country in Africa in a post entitled Congolia. Therein I re-stated our bullish stance. The country has some very strong

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Mongolia Growth Group – Cash Flow Positive

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our readers as to what Harris Kupperman, CEO of Mongolia Growth Group, has been up to. If you are a new reader to our site then we humbly suggest you go and read “A Mongolian Capitalist – Part I”, and “A Mongolian Capitalist

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A Mongolian Capitalist – Part II

We left off before the 4th of July holiday last Thursday with Chris and Carlos speaking to Harris Kupperman, a successful hedge fund manager and now CEO of a Mongolia-focused venture.  Today we’ll talk more about his company and his plans for investing in Mongolia. ——– Chris: Harris, you’ve said

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