Year: 2020

Coronavirus – It’s Not Heart Disease, It’s A Plane Crash

Cardiovascular disease kills over 17 million people annually. It’s the main cause of death globally apparently. I thought it was stupidity but now Google tells me no, it’s “CVD”. Cardiovascular disease. So much for that then. Looking deeper we find what causes it. Too much macaroni cheese, and donuts, which

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Colliding Brain Cells with a Savvy Venezuelan (Part 1)

In this article we travel into the mind, the history and background of a Venezuelan, that for privacy reasons we shall call Carlos (which according to a non-descript website during a quick Google, is widely regarded as Venezuela’s most popular boy’s name). Carlos is widely travelled, an early investor, trader

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Jamie Keech

A Look Under the Hood of U.S. Shale Oil Production with Scott Lapierre

“We have always known that shale oil wells decline fast… but the reality is, they decline even faster than expected.” Scott Lapierre has spent the last 25 years working in the oil industry as a petrophysicist. He worked for Halliburton, ConocoPhillips, and Pioneer Natural Resources before going on to start

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Three Currencies, One’s Corrected and The Others….ooh boy!

I don’t know if you saw it but the Ruskies fell out of bed with the head choppers Saudis last week.  As my friend, Mike Alkin, recently mentioned on this chat (join if you dare). Interesting times, indeed. Here’s Occidental, a pretty good barometer for the US shale industry. Still,

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These Changes Promise to Completely Change Global Markets

While scenes of frowning people wearing face masks continue to capture and maintain the limelight there have been some very important shifts gaining momentum in the global political landscape. Wuhan Zombie flu I mean COVID-19 and the economic knock on effects of the virus will likely only exacerbate and accelerate

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The Wise Man Does At Once What The Fool Does Finally

This post is about what I believe to be coming for various asset classes and gold in particular. The subject line is a statement attributed to Niccolò Machiavelli, who is referred to as the father of modern political philosophy. It was his advice to the Princes of Italy in the

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