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Chris MacIntosh

To Buy Or Not To Buy A Crisis?

Jeezuz, it feels like it’s been ages. My apologies for the lack of articles of late. I’ve been spending a bit of time lately hurtling through the air in pressurised tin cans breathing recycled fart. Speaking of which, last week we had a little round of drinks on a rooftop

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9 Reasons We Passed on This Deal

Ideas…like grains of sand on the beach. I’ve mentioned this before in my post “8 Reasons Not to Sign an NDA” and it bears repeating. Unless you have a proprietary product involving intellectual property, a scientific process or something which is entirely unique and therefore valuable, you are immediately devaluing

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This is Who Will Save The World!

Japan has just shocked the market with…you guessed it, a widening trade deficit. We spilled a fair bit of digital ink explaining why the Japanese Government fiscal situation is a moth in search of a flame. Our complimentary report which you can download, print and doodle on anytime you please…(really we’ll take

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The Benefits of Pissing People Off

We’ve previously discussed the various aspects of angel investing and what we look for in a business and its management. Today I want to talk about the other side of the coin. My reason for discussing this topic was prompted by my having a quite drink with a friend recently.

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A Poignant Display of Asian Work Ethic in The Midst of Thailand

“Immediately excruciating and incapacitating localized pain.” This is what I found when I Googled “Lionfish sting.” I’d like to say I took it like a man and gritted my teeth without muttering a single word, but that would be fiction and the fact is I swore like a trooper through

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