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Can You Hear the Fat Lady Singing? – Part I

Raoul Pal, author of the Global Macro Investor and the co-founder of Real Vision TV, is one of my favourite thinkers and investment minds. Regrettably I’ve not met him… yet, though I’ve been fortunate enough to meet his business partner Grant Williams, who is both smart, genuine and intellectually curious.

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Faith in Chaos

I’ve been absent for a few weeks and for that I make no apology. The recently concluded New Zealand meet up over the last few weeks left me with little time for luxuries such as sitting down to jot out some thoughts to you. Hopefully, when I do get something

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S”pain”… Still More to Come

  Spain. For those who may not be aware, Spain is a country which enjoyed one of the largest real estate manias in living memory. It continues to find itself mired in economic, political and subsequent social stresses. By the way, if you are not already a subscriber to one

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This is Who Will Save The World!

Japan has just shocked the market with…you guessed it, a widening trade deficit. We spilled a fair bit of digital ink explaining why the Japanese Government fiscal situation is a moth in search of a flame. Our complimentary report which you can download, print and doodle on anytime you please…(really we’ll take

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Don’t Go Getting Cute with Giant Moves

Most readers will by now be well aware of the cliff that the precious metals stepped off last week. I’ve got a few thoughts related to this. When looking rationally at our private equity portfolio of companies we are funding via PP’s, or in fact any unlisted and illiquid investments,

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