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The only constant is change
Chris MacIntosh

The Only Constant Is Change

There are times when you just have to say no. It might be tough but it’s the best way. Right now, I’m saying NO to a huge portion of my life I’ve been dedicated to for the last few years. I decided to share some of my thoughts on this

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Decision Making – Part Deux

A little while ago I shared 6 ways to improve decision making. In response I received a number of comments, the most insightful of which I’d like to share with you today. My main point in the previous article was that information, together with a strong filtering process, form the

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Round 2 for the Japanese Yen

Today’s article is compliments of our friend Mark Schumacher at ThinkGrowth. Mark has been a reader and subsequently become a regular bouncing board for us with respect to publicly traded equities, market sentiment and the like. I always value his thoughts and it is a rare occasion that we disagree.

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IQ, IP and 8 Commandments of Corporate Governance

Recent dealings with a company led me to think about the relationship between corporate governance, creativity, innovation and what it takes to create or indeed wreck a successful enterprise. A result of having been involved in well over 100 private equity transactions (I’ve long ago stopped counting), Mark no doubt

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The Bubble is in Cash, Not Stocks…

We are repeatedly reminded by many so-called “experts” that the stock market is in a bubble, and that when central bank quantitative easing programs end stock markets will “crash.” However, it would appear that the only bubble is people’s uncertainty of the future and their desire to hold large sums

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The World’s Most Crowded Trade

With over $900 billion invested into bond funds by mom-and-pop investors since the global financial crisis, the great law of unintended consequence is gearing up to rear its ugly head. Once again, money will be taken from those least able to afford it. Take a look at the graph below,

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