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Another Real Estate Market Ripe For A Bust

Do you remember the movie American Psycho where nobody was afraid of Patrick Bateman? At least not until they were all relaxed and then… Whoah! He reared up with that shiny axe and chopped them into bits. As a viewer you knew the guy clearly had issues. And after the first murder

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Faith in Chaos

I’ve been absent for a few weeks and for that I make no apology. The recently concluded New Zealand meet up over the last few weeks left me with little time for luxuries such as sitting down to jot out some thoughts to you. Hopefully, when I do get something

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12 Reasons Why Here and not There

New Zealanders are like the residue of Weet-Bix left in a cereal bowl for a couple of weeks: tough! Let me give you an example. When James Grant was attacked by a shark while spearfishing his response was pretty typical of the Kiwis I know here: “Bugger, now I have to

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An Urgent Appeal

In the spirit of a little light-hearted capitalist banter, and hoping we don’t offend too many of you, I offer the following dispatch.  As I am a capitalist with a bit of a “dark humor” streak, I will offer up the following business opportunity to anyone interested… For those of you

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