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Chris MacIntosh

This One Thing Has Killed Before and It’s About to Kill Again

While on a weekend hike with my family a few weeks ago I bumped into a very experienced alpine climber and we started chatting. This guy had climbed some of the most treacherous alpine mountains that the planet can chuck at you. I’ve never had the inclination to climb like this

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Is This How It All Begins to Unravel?

My daughter found a sick baby bird in our garage a few weeks ago. We took it in and began nursing it back to life. My daughter, a gentle little soul who believes that our home should be turned into an animal shelter for every imaginable creature whether it needs

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THIS is where our Monetary System is Headed

I’ve never been trapped in a fire before and trust me, I have had plenty of opportunity. Yes, I was THAT kid, the one who played with fire. The trick was, and still is to steer clear of the flames, to anticipate what and where. Fire is however notorious for

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This is What The Impending War with Syria Means for Gold

Without sifting through the rotting underbelly of the political machine to determine the real reasons why the US and the UK need to go to war in Syria, I’d like to look at what the coming war means for real money. Yes, the shiny stuff. There are a few common

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