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How To Triple Your Share Price In Two Weeks

I’ve been watching Evrim Resources for several years now. This has been particularly true since they released trenching results on April 9th from their Cuale project in Mexico that took the share price from $0.50 to $0.95. I decided I would buy some stock on Friday afternoon at around $0.90,

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Natural Resources & Sleeper Cells: China’s Plan For The Next 5,000 Years

Today’s article comes to you from our resident resource expert Jamie Keech. Enjoy! – Chris ———— Coming out of university, I managed to catch the tail end of the so called “super-cycle”, arguably the biggest commodities boom in history fueled by China’s explosive growth over the previous decade. Six months

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The State of Africa: NIMBY

Remember the good ol’ US housing short? How could we forget it? Especially when Margot Robbie did such a splendid job of explaining it. Well, I recall something that Kyle Bass mentioned when being interviewed about his role in it. Prior to the isht hitting the fan, and while he

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The Problem With Turkeys: A Curious Case For The Platinum Group

Nobody has made the case for unpredictability of complex systems or examined the risks of using past events to predict future ones better than author Nassim Taleb. But perhaps no one has felt this dilemma more acutely than your Thanksgiving turkey. In his book, Anti-Fragile, Taleb describes what he calls

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Dissecting the Mining Industry: Betting the Jockey

Today we’re hearing from our resident mining guru, Jamie Keech. Jamie’s previous article on a bull market in nickel was well received, and today he delves into some key principles for every resource investor. – Chris ———— Let’s start with a quote: “For to everyone who has will more be given,

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A 58% Wipeout Is “Best Case”!

Two of of the best “tried and tested” ways to rapidly grow your wealth are to: Use leverage in a rising market and Flog equity at ever rising prices (à la Tesla) Both methods work, but leverage is not unlike that smoking hot girlfriend you used to have who was,

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Chris MacIntosh

Are Your Knuckles White?

115.6% — that’s how much the VIX moved on Monday. And that was all it took to end the life of the VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term ETN (XIV). And now we have pundits on TV expressing their shock and dismay. Really?! This is plain silly. It’s worse abuse than

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