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Jon de Wet

Colliding Brain Cells with a Savvy Venezuelan (Part 2)

For those of you tuning back in and for those of you freshly reading this anew, we continue to travel into the mind, the history and background of a Venezuelan, that for privacy reasons we shall call Carlos (which according to a non-descript website during a quick Google, is widely viewed as Venezuela’s most popular boy’s name). Carlos is widely travelled, an early investor in Bitcoin and other alternative assets, and is an avid believer in individual sovereignty.

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Donald Trump
Emerging Markets
Chris MacIntosh

2016: The Year When China Put Trump On The Throne

Note: The following is a parody. Characters are fictional (some, at least) and any similarities that may exist with people real or imagined are purely coincidental. Really! December 10, 2015, around 2 AM Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the PBOC, turns to his wife, unable to sleep: “We just spent $150 billion this

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Getting Paid for Doing the Obvious?

I’ve spent a good few hours running. Up hills, down hills, along flats… just running. A not so startling realization is that running uphill burns more calories, is more taxing on your body, makes you breathe harder, and will make you tired faster than running on a flat or downhill.

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Yes, Colombia! A Country in our Radar

One of the reasons I spend a lot of time in New Zealand, whilst having grown up in South Africa, apart from the breathtaking beauty and unbelievable lifestyle, is that South Africa completely blows New Zealand away when it comes to crime (pun intended). Crime clogs the economic pipelines of

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